Monoglot Debut Album

by Monoglot


The first album of the band Monoglot (ISL / GER / CH), recorded February 2014 in Basel. The album will be released this fall on vinyl and CD. Be a part of it!

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monoglot mono|glotˈ mɒnə(ʊ)glɒt


Using or speaking only one language


A person who speaks only one language.


mid 19th century: from Greek monoglōttos, from monos «single» + glōtta «tongue».

What is it about?

A younger person able to express him/herself in only a single language seems a rare phenomenon these days. This person might seem a hermit to the globally-socialized, but may have a strong conviction of her/his beliefs being truthful and pure. The band MONOGLOT preserves this bygone, simpler feeling that one choosing to live this way might have.
A first effort to capture this emotion was made when MONOGLOT recorded their debut album in the Idee & Klang Studios Basel. The recordings will be released on both Vinyl and CD in autumn this year. To make the album a reality and spread the word, MONOGLOT is asking you for a helping hand to finance the production process of their first album.

Listen to or download a free pre-release of our Song Brennivin!

Here’s where you can join in!

We have already been able to create a great recording, and as you can see in our budget below, to finance most of the studio costs through foundations’ support and our own means. To finish the production of the album, we still need to pay for part of the mastering, vinyl cutting as well as the manufacturing of the vinyl records and CDs. If you support us, we would like to thank you by giving you something as well. Therefore you can choose from a variety of goodies, assembled on the righthand side.

Who are we?

Monoglot is a young band from Basel led by Icelandic guitarist and composer Kristinn Smári Kristinsson. The quintet has developed a truly modern bandsound with compositions embarking on a very specific journey, yet with a diverse spectrum of influences, ranging from Scandinavian melancholy and classical polyphony to alternative rock. Monoglot puts a heavy focus on the compositions and the group collaboration rather then the individuals. Still there is plenty of space for pushing the creative improvised envelope.

  • Fabian Willmann (ts, ss)
  • Sebastian Von Keler (ts, ss)
  • Kristinn Smári Kristinsson (g)
  • Samuel Sole (eb)
  • Luca Glausen (dr)


Here you can see our budget for this production. What we have already done:

  • Recording (Studio, Engineer)
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

This comes down to CHF 5’900, we already invested. We still need to raise the money for:

  • Vinyl Mastering
  • Vinyl Cutting & Pressing
  • CD Pressing
  • Download Codes

Which will be a total of CHF 4’300.

We made it !!!

THANK YOU for the support!

If we reach 120% we will make T-shirts with the album artwork! :)

Click video below to watch us perform «Brennivin» live in Volkshaus at the Offbeat Jazzfestival Basel 2014