Street Theatre busking in Switzerland

Morty von Welt is going busking! With ballyhoo and much enchanting ceremony!

In August 2018 we are going to travel the streets of Switzerland with two self devised pieces for four weeks in total. For that we compose and play our own music and create all the other bits and pieces you need for a splendid performance like costumes, stage design, dramaturgy, engineering,… in the end almost everything comes directly and wholeheartedly from us to you!

We enthuse the audience with colourful music, screaming costumes and a sparkling show. With regards to content we talk about looking differently, appearing differently, acting differently, seeing yourself differently and being totally ok with that. A shout out for more respect and acceptance in this world!

The inspiration for our two plays come from a german children’s book called «Und außerdem sind Borsten schön» (And besides bristles are beautiful) by Nadia Budde and the short stories «The melancholy death of oyster boy» by Tim Burton.

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For everyone and free of charge and crucial and loud!

We want to create a cultural offering for everyone. At no charge* and locally around your corner. In big and small cities. Our plays ensnare with their playful form and communicate social relevant topics at once. In the last years we have already been busking together and the one thing we have learned for sure is: The streets need more art! The interest is there! Passersby’s attention is caught, they stop, pause, longer than they intended, an audience sprouts… and in the end everybody experienced something that no one expected. In a dull shopping street, on a grandiose square, along a never ending food boulevard there is nothing better than Street Performance! *After the show we pass the hat to cover our running expenses during the tour, but we won’t be able to finance a car with that…

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We need something that rolls!

With your support we want to buy a car that takes our four performers, our stage set, our costumes and our instruments and Morty safely through Switzerland.

We want to regularly go on tour and establish Morty von Welt as a constant in the Swiss Street Performance scene. From the next project onwards our touring vehicle is going to function as a stage as well. The car that we are going to purchase with your support is going to be the ultimate multi-functional centre point of our street music theatre activities!

We already have an appropriate second-hand model in mind that we would like to buy. Inclusive of insurance, reparation and small alterations the costs add up to 7000 CHF.

We are very grateful for and excited about your support and help!!

We are going to keep you updated about the ongoing of the crowdfunding and the project. During the next weeks our facebook and Instagram pages are going to be online. There we also publish where and when Morty von Welt is going to perform! We gonna see each other on the streets!

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