Making ConnectionsBy KimyiBo, on 4/2/2018 17:13



I just wanted to share some thoughts on my experience so far.

Launching a crowdfunding campaign for «Ambivalence and Motherhood» has been a thrilling as much as scary experience for me. I did have many exhibitions to show my works, but it is a totally different thing to ask a friend for a donation to continue making art. Art is not really a practical thing, as you know, so a compensation for artist remains a grey business…. However artists need to pay for the materials, and sometimes for childcare if they are parents, to make art happen. Cost of labor is not even a questions because artists are supposedly «playing» not «working.» But I do believe it is also a responsibility of an artist to make works that are relevant to the society by adding something to the experience of our world. So we are not just playing!

I am really honoured and encouraged that some of you have pledged to support my project about motherhood and art. It gives me new energy and hope.

It is out of this gratitude that I decided to send the calendars to you as soon as possible even though there rests 26 more days to the end of the campaign. If I don’t reach the goal, it will just my gift to you (wemakeit runs on all or none principal)

If you have already signed up to support my project please send me your name, email address, and mailing address to me via so I can send the calendars to you. You might have already put down your information on wemakeit site when you signed up, but it is just that I don’t get to see them until the ending date….

I send you lots of love and playfulness from Geneva, Bo


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