Our first music video

Two years ago we started this band. Up until now we had to rely on motion graphics, stock videos and 2D animations to create our music videos. But now we’re ready to take the next step and record our first real music video.

The final result will be a 3 minute music video which will be released during the next year (2022) and submitted to different film festivals.

The music, which combines analogue and digital instruments, fits the video style and realisation which are described further down below. There is also a link to our Spotify-account at the bottom of this page, for whomever would like to give it a listen — the music is just as colourful and diverse as the band members themselves.


Kinda like Hollywood… but smaller

3D meets real time footage — just like in the big Hollywood productions. We want to use modern age technology to animate the 3D characters and bring them to life. These animations eventually get mixed together with real time footage. This way, the idea of an interactive band becomes reality.

This takes time, equipment and a cameraman*woman

First test have been made and released successfully onto social media. The idea works and gets received well — the amount of positive feedback and smiles are proof. Now to create more individual animations that go with the music we need to go a step further. The collected money from this crowdfunding will be used to acquire the missing hardware equipment and pay the cameraman*woman.

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