Musicvideo «Joker»

by Lost In Majority


Lost In Majority wants to bring their vision of a thought provoking music video to life. See the Trumps, Orbans and Bolsonaros of our modern society being manipulated by the Joker himself.

EUR 6’025

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 19/6/2021

Musicvideo: Joker

«Some men just want to watch the world burn» This quote from the Dark Knight inspired us to write a song about the Joker.

In the comics, he is a maniacal mastermind who orchestrates everything that happens like a puppeteer.

That’s why we want to shoot the whole video with hand puppets, played in a plot twist by the Joker himself.

The Joker is also meant to be a metaphor for the madness in each of us.

The main character of the video is Trump, who works with the devil, joins the club of autocrats (and drives the devil crazy in the process).

There will be a lot of Easter Eggs (allusions to Trump quotes, exploding trees (which seem to be quite common in Austria) and even Sebastian Kurz (Chancellor of Austria) got a supporting role.)

The chorus will be performed by the «Band of Evil» with Trump, the Devil, Death and a monster.

The Set will be a Punch and Judy show (, the instruments will be realistic replicas using 3D printing and there will be a light show!

Our project is special because ...

The special thing about the project is on the one hand its socio-political relevance and on the other hand the original idea to shoot a rock music video with the means of a Punch and Judy show.

We create original instruments (guitars, bass, drums) and also the light show is adapted to the puppet size.

The video should be entertaining and funny without losing its impact.

This is what we need backing for ...

To realize this project we need all the support we can get!

We are working with a professional film crew, we rent the Punch and Judy theater including professional hand puppeteers, we construct props like instruments, backgrounds. a stage etc. and build a light show scaled to puppet size for the concert of the band of evil.

And, of course, we need a well-made-up Joker.

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