This is what it's all about.

I would likecto ask you to help my friend and I would like you read the letter, which she wrote for all of you.

My name is Elena Dobrutskaya. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since my birth have been fighting with СP ( cerebral palsy). I have learned to live with it. But, now, I have the last ability to fight the one. I would like to ask you for help. I agreed to be helped at the Сiren Hospital on the Island of Cuba. The ореration and the first course of rehabilitation are соsted for 17.000 dollars. I have been trying to find such a sum on my own for 6 years. But I can’t do this, because of the level of living in my country. So,I ask for your help and support. I would like to tell about myself. I am a journalist and an extreme. I have a lot of own projects. One of them is my own photo exhibition. I work a lot. And after the operation I am going to deal with the question of opening of my own theatre. I want to help peoples. And if I get on my feet the way to another my dream will be opened. I would like to become a jumping competitor. I like horses very much And my dream is to open a way to this kind of sport. I need the operation to live a full life. So, I hope for your support. Thanks everyones. Byе.

My project is special because ...

Аs a heroine of this video I have been living with the CP since my childhood. But I was lucky! There was a surgery in my life, thank to which I can walk now. And I realy want to help my friend ’cos I really understand hiw important it is

This is what I need backing for.

The money I will collect will be sent for a surgery for my friend needs.