’My Mighty Crystals’ is a fun board game for the whole family, fast and easy to play with lovely 3D miniatures characters.

Its a race for 2 to 4 players along a path where you will collect mighty crystals and meet funny creatures that you can control.

The rules are available here


1 game board – 4 dice – 4 player characters – 4 different beasties – 26 crystals – 1 rule

The game is made with high quality and tough materials. The 3D miniatures are in semi-soft plastic (PVC).

This is a pre-sale! The game was funded by myself and produced in limited quantities. It will be available from the end of the campaign.

With this campaign you have the opportunity to support me in my first project as board game artist and designer and get this game at a great price.

Bonuses: 3D models of game characters to download and print or a small personalized digital painting.

I designed the game, the drawings and the 3D models with care. I’m Stéphane Perriard, a 2D/3D digital artist from Locarno/Switzerland always looking for sources of inspiration…

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