So, as I already said, I have been singing my whole life. I don’t remember a day I haven’t been dreaming of being on stage. And after ten years of studying singing, I have finished my masters and minors with distinction in July 2017. A year before that, I have participated in the Swiss «Got Talent» version, where I received the honour of the golden buzzer. That’s where my producer has heard me for the first time. At first, he just wanted to do a song with me for the Eurovision Song Contest, but when he heard my own original songs, he immediately agreed to a whole album. So since then I have been working on it, putting my whole heart an soul in it. I want it to sound exactly the way I feel it and I want it to make you guys feel what I feel. And for this to happen, I really need your help!


The video above is from my Master’s recital. I am singing my original song «Coward», which is one of my most personal and emotional songs. To me, music is everything; When I write songs, I write about my own experiences and I try to do it in a way, that a lot of people could relate. This one happens to be a ballad, but I mostly write pretty energetic stuff about what’s going on in the world, about confidence and about knowing yourself. I am also someone who thinks that music can change the world. Songs can inspire you to go further than you ever thought, to feel deeper than you ever wanted and to achieve more than you ever hoped for. I want my songs to inspire you. I want to be part of that change.


Gone are the times of the big bosses with cigars in their hands and millions to spend on newcomers. As of today, the music industry is not the rich business it once was. And as the money got less, the production and promotion of an album became more expensive and infinitely more difficult. There are so many new singers popping up everywhere that it’s impossible to keep track. As a newcomer, I am asking for your help to get out there and do my very best to inspire people all over the world. I am willing to work every waking moment and frankly, I can’t wait! I just finished my studies and it has been extremely hard to find a job to even pay rent. So, I would be eternally thankful for really every amount of help. This is my chance to change the world and you can be part of that change, too!