International Troubadours Bryan Benner (USA) and Václav Fuksa (CZ) are back with their second album of virtuosic Neapolitan songs for two guitars and voice, dedicated to the great Cigliano/Gangi duo!

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«Muntagna d'Angeli»

«Muntagna d’Angeli» is Neapolitan for «Mountain of Angels». Anyone who has ever visited the city of Napoli at the foot of the mighty Vesuvio will know that it is a city full of unbelievable characters. Though there are certainly a few demons running around, we have been very fortunate to come into contact with many of Napoli’s most graceful angels, people who have opened their homes and hearts to us and our music. This album is for Napoli and its many unforgettable angels.

Album Production in Napoli

On September 21st of 2022, we will be flying to Napoli to record our new album at the legendary Auditorium Novecento. There we will be working together with local musicians and audio engineers to make sure we capture the most authentic Neapolitan sound possible. The funds generated through this crowdfunding will go towards financing the following:

  1. Studio recording costs
  2. Mixing and Mastering
  3. Copyright fees
  4. Artwork (see below for more details!)
  5. CD printing

Album Artwork by Michelangelo!

One of our favourite angels we met on the streets of Napoli has got to be Michelangelo, the street artist. We were so happy with the wonderful designs he came up with for our first album (and for Bryan’s album Stay Hydrated!) that we have already asked him to do the artwork for «Muntagna d’Angeli». Here he is at his famous art stand in the city centre of Napoli.