Nefew – Rise Of The Antihero


Brugg, Baden, and Zurich

ROTAH is our most important project to date. Be part of the movement and help us release the new album. Accompany us on the journey to become the antihero.

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Successfully concluded on 9/10/2014

Rise Of The Antihero

We know you’ve been there, that short moment, that window of opportunity that opens up when you least expect it, ready to rip you out of your everyday life. For just a second the whole universe is standing still and the world is laying at your feet. What would you do? Are you going to wait for the window to close again or are you going to brace up and cross the threshold into the unknown, into a future that you’ve been dreaming about. There’s no need to worry because you can’t fail as long as you’re living your dream.

NEFEW is the symphony of courageous people. NEFEW means breaking routines and making your own rules while you’re following your purpose to the final destination: Your own identity. Building your own ladder with the obstacles they’ve put in your way. Become the antihero by stepping out of the comfort zone.

The Project

The «Rise Of The Antihero» is our most important project to date. The new album is part of a trilogy which started with the stand out Free LP «Antihero Begins» in 2012. Be part of the movement and help us release the new album worldwide. Your contribution will be used for CD and poster manufacturing.

In addition to the concept album we’ll release three videos telling the story of the antihero. As a teaser we’ll be releasing a free EP prior to the album which you can download on

We look forward to interacting with you on Accompany us on our journey to becoming the antihero.

Thank you very much for your contribution and support!

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