Darum geht’s

«Money, money. Who doesn’t have money. Try betting on morale in this world!» wrote Georg Büchner in ’Woyzeck’ - And he was right. And that’s exactly why we ask you now to help us out bringing our next album to life, without shame and hesitation.

«What now? Last time you were able to do this without any help, how come?» would be a just question. Which is why we feel compelled to make things clear: Always looking to bring things to next level, we’re focusing quite heavily on the visual side of things this time around and chose to get involved with an amazing artist duo from New York: Kahn & Selesnick.

This unfortunately also adds remarkably to our budget - Remember, these people need to get some food on their table, too. But since we still felt like this shouldn’t make a difference when it comes down to creating a great new album, this is where your participation will come in handy. Help us to make this album not only musically and sonically as good as possible, but also to make sure that it looks as amazing!

We’d be eternally grateful!

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