Mixing psychedelic influences and the energy of stoner so as to create an instinctive rock form, our music naturally tends to reach the shadowy boarders of a ritual and cosmic trance.

Accompanied by a vibrant voice intertwining with the acid and edgy sonic booms of a guitar, and sustained by a powerful and mechanic rhythm section, we shift from noise to ambient parts within a song, along with a garage flavor that distinguishes us from the current psych rock wave.


Following more than 50 live shows in Switzerland and beyond, and this somehow epic and crazy tour we were lucky enough to do somewhere in between here and some European countries, plus having met people on the road that knew how to inspire us, help us, love us in some way or another, following the wonderful adventure that was the time that came after our first album was released in 2014, we are more than impatient to show you our new tunes.

To achieve that, we need your help again because we are unfortunately not able to fund the recording and production of this new album ourselves.

The official release is scheduled for March 2016. The album will be presented as a double vinyl LP, along with a download code.

Thank you very much for your presales!                        

Love and Rock&Roll!!!

FORKS/ Psychedelik galore/ Vevey’s Finest/ Acid FTW

From time to time, we get to know bands that can manage to drive away any possible skepticism towards just another psychedelic revival. Or, more specifically, as it is the case with Forks, destroying this feeling without any trial. Because, whatever substances these people from Vevey are consuming, the result is a real small miracle.

Their music is thrilling and repetitive in the best sense, and it locates itself somewhere between Hawkwind and the (old!) Floyds. This is the perfect soundtrack for a journey through time and space, or inside a huge whatever.

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out !

Thomas Jenny