Why Cello and Beatles?

Music is the only language that is understood without exception by all people on Earth. In early childhood, without understanding a single word in English, we listened to the beautiful music of The Beatles again and again, as did millions of others around the world. The message of The Beatles: Unification and love are what the world has needed since time immemorial. This universally understood sentiment conveyed through their music continues to connect us all, and to touch our souls. In this album, we wish to share with you our versions of the songs that we hold dear, in the genre of chamber music, and to invite you to join with us in our alliance through the language of music as expressed by The Beatles. Enjoy!


Track List

  1. I Saw Her Standing There - (Lennon – McCartney)
  2. Things We Said Today - (Lennon – McCartney)
  3. If I Fell - (Lennon – McCartney)
  4. Sgt. Pepper Lonely Heart Club Band - With A Little Help of My Friends - (Lennon – McCartney)
  5. Because - (Lennon – McCartney)
  6. Till There was you - (Meredith Willson)
  7. The Night before - (Lennon – McCartney)
  8. Michelle - (Lennon – McCartney)
  9. Here comes the Sun – (Harrison) - Penny Lane - (Lennon – McCartney)
  10. Honey Pie - (Lennon – McCartney)
  11. Here There and everywhere - (Lennon – McCartney)
  12. Help - (Lennon – McCartney)
  13. Yesterday - (Lennon – McCartney)
  14. Dizzy Miss Lizzy - (Larry Williams)
  15. Obladi Oblada - (Lennon – McCartney)

Pledge support for our new album!

100% of the money will be used to produce and market the CD. Recording is ready and has already been paid for. Now we need to pay for pressing the CD, translation and printing the booklet, producing the images and the PR material (photos for the CD cover, a promotional video etc.). To successfully present the CD on the market, PR costs also need to be covered. This includes CD reviews and placement in music magazines, radio studio visits and, of course, CD presentations, which you are also more than welcome to attend and where we can present ourselves and our recorded music. If the project ends up being ’overfunded’, we would use the opportunity to invest even more in advertising and in the further planning of CD presentation concerts. We expect our total expenses to be at least 10,000 euros. You can support us by choosing a reward, by sponsoring us without a reward or by sharing this campaign on your social media channels. If our CD project meets your fancy, you can help us realize the dream of our new CD and release an exciting musical collage of Fab Four music. Gratefully yours, Kira, Misha, Kirill and Sergio