New Dance Studio in Lausanne

by Open Mouvement


Open Mouvement expands the family! We are happy to open a new dance studio in Lausanne, so we can share our passion with as many people as possible! And to see this dream come true, we need you!

CHF 15’850

105% of CHF 15’000

105 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

105 backers

Successfully concluded on 6/1/2023

Our project:

Open Mouvement is a dance center - a school and a company - founded in 2016 in Etoy by Paolo Giglio. It is above all a big family with more than 400 students, united by a common desire: dance! For us, dance is made for everyone and allows the mind to escape while reinforcing daily well-being. It is a source of expression, but also of fulfillment!

In September 2021, Open Mouvement successfully started a new adventure in Lausanne by offering courses in rental studios.

Today, we are very happy to acquire our own bright and spacious studio that we imagine as a warm and welcoming place to live, vibrant with the passion for dance, sharing, movement and well-being. We open the doors on January 2023!

What is special about it?

Located on Avenue de Provence, this space will be an extension of our center in Etoy and will allow us to offer different quality classes with extremely qualified and passionate teachers, workshops, shows… and much more!

We offer lessons for children, teenagers, adults, parents&children, for all levels! Classical, Modern Jazz, lyrical, Hip-Hop, Latin hip-hop, Salsa, Latin dances, heels, Pilates, Jazz Fusion, Stretching, many disciplines that you will be able to discover thanks to the rewards offered in this campaign. Technique and quality are the real strengths of the school, passion and expression as well. Pre-professional courses will also be offered with a team of certified teachers.

Because taking care of ourselves and our body is important to us, we also want to offer a real well-being follow-up to all our students, but also for any outside person wishing to realign themselves physically & emotionally. Therefore, we have on the schedule «Danse Libre», Gentle Yoga classes & Conscious Movements, Ostheopathy, Massage sessions, Reboutement, Nutrition sessions and much more.

This is what we need backing for:

This new space requires work and many amenities. This work includes the purchase of equipment but also workforce and we would like to be sure that we can offer you the most beautiful space possible!

The first amount of 15’000 chf will help us cover the costs for the work in the reception area, special floating floor, the installation of light fixtures, mirrors and dance bars. The second level of 25’000 chf will allow us to cover all the remaining work (sound systems, changing rooms, development of therapeutic space).

Planned facilities:

  • A reception and reception area, with small kitchen (furniture 3’000 chf - glass roof work - 400 chf)
  • A magnificent dance space with floating floor and professional carpet. (support requested from a private association – 26’000 chf with labour)
  • The installation of mirrors and light fixtures. (7’000 chf)
  • The installation of ballet bars. (5’000 chf)
  • Quality sound installation for the auditory comfort of students and teachers. (1’400 chf)
  • Changing rooms and showers to accommodate students. (Plumbing 2’500 chf)
  • A therapeutic space with massage table (somatic accompaniment, osteopathy, reboutement, Bach flowers etc…).
  • Logo installation on the walls of the building (1’000 chf)

As you will have understood, this new project is supported by the whole school and makes our bodies and hearts vibrate! Your support is really important for us.

We look forward to welcoming you there!