Our song recital entitled «Night and Dreams» on CD so that you can dream at home. Music for the soul from 3 eras for women and men. We would be very happy and grateful if you supported us.

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This is what it's all about.

I have been singing enthusiastically since I was 5 years old and was able to realize my childhood dream of becoming a professional singer, which fills me with joy and gratefulness.I have always had a special relationship with songs from the Romantic and Late Romantic era, as the depth and dedication shown musically during those times is very close to me. My piano partner Eduard Kutrowatz I have known since my school days and after years of travel, our paths crossed again in Vienna. Since then, we have taken many wonderful musical journeys together on the concert podium and this project in particular is very close to our hearts. The song «Night and Dreams» by Franz Schubert inspired us to create an evening program of songs that deal, in a real or metaphorical way, with the theme of night - mystery, spirituality, transience, peace, introspection - and the dreams that are inherent to us in all their facets and moments of happiness, desire and their magic. It was important for both of us, in selecting the tracks, to take the listeners on their own journey to their inner dreams, to immerse themselves and enjoy it.

My project is special because ...

This is a passion project. Edi has already recorded a lot of CDs, but I haven’t dared to do it yet. But now it has to happen, calling is too strong :-) This concept album comes from our personal deepest musical ideas and impulses. We would like to share with you the beauty of these works and my personal goal is to convey to you the depth, purity and intensity that these wonderful songs make us feel while performing.

This is what I need backing for.

A professional CD recording costs money, I was aware of that. Now I know it even more precisely. :-) We need a recording hall that is suitable for a classical voice like mine, a piano tuner, a recording manager, mastering, pressing the recordings and a record label that will take over the distribution for us, plus graphic designer costs, printing materials and advertising costs. An adventure! We are very happy and grateful that you join and support us on our musical journey. Thank you very much. Love, Eva Maria and Edi