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Nina Dimitri launches a new CD with self-written songs in Italian and you have the chance to support and to be a part of this project, with wonderful rewards: the CD, private concerts and much more..

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NEW CD // NINA DIMITRI and BAND // with self-written songs in Italian

Hi friends, I’m creating a new CD with new self-written songs in Italian.

It’s been more than 30 years that I sing and play Charango and Guitar. Many of you know me and my music with Latin-American songs, which I will continue to sing and spread all over the world, but now it is time to express the desire to tell something more, something about myself. My new CD takes me to new sounds and new stories, new compositions and lyrics in Italian that talk about life, love or simply- emotions.

And here we are! Together with Silvana Gargiulo, my stage partner, we have written beautiful songs that will finally be recorded on November 2017 at a recording studio in Lausanne.

The songs, as mentioned, speak of life, love, relationships. They were born of us, of our personal experience, true stories, kisses, sounds, fragrance of a freshly made coffee, about a cloud that seems to be whipped cream, about a father that is no longer with us, about a story with a sad ending, about coming back, about a leaving, about the sorrow of being called a stranger, about a laughter or perhaps only about a spinning of a wheel. These songs were born of the urge to communicate emotions through words and music, and I’m sure you could find yourselves inside them. They are little stories, some invented, that make us smile, cry, think. little pearls of life.


The CD will be recorded in November 2017 in a studio in Lausanne with a wonderful Band !!!

The band members have been playing with me for a long time and have also recorded the latest CD, «Que viva el amor». They are great musicians and known throughout the world:

Mimmo Pisino: Bass and Contra-bass. He plays with «Stress» and played with Phil Collins, Youssou N’Dur, Pippo Pollina and many more.

Thomas Aeschbacher with the Schwyzerörgeli (Swiss organ).

Daniel Perrin: Arrangements, Bandoneon, Hammond, Piano and more.

Bernard Häberlin: Guitar.

Luigi Galati: Drummer.

Silvana Gargiulo: Chorus, Percussion and so much comedy.

And of course Nina Dimitri: Charango, Guitar and Voice.

  • Bernard Häberlin: Guitar.
    Bernard Häberlin: Guitar.
  • Arrangements, Bandoneon, Hammond, Piano and more.
    Arrangements, Bandoneon, Hammond, Piano and more.
  •  Mimmo Pisino: Bass and Contra-bass
    Mimmo Pisino: Bass and Contra-bass
  • Chorus, Percussion
    Chorus, Percussion
  • Thomas Aeschbacher with the Schwyzerörgeli
    Thomas Aeschbacher with the Schwyzerörgeli
  • Luigi Galati: Drummer.
    Luigi Galati: Drummer.
  • Charango, Guitar and Voice
    Charango, Guitar and Voice


To accomplish this CD I need a super professional musical support from a band that knows me and my musical sensibility! And as you all know, everything has a cost, haimè!

10 Days of rental Registration office: 6,670 CHF

CD printing: 3,000 CHF

Salaries for musicians (excluding Nina and Silvana):

500CHF per day * 3 musicians * 10 days = 15,000 CHF

500CHF per day * 1 musician * 5 days = 2,500 CHF

500CHF per day * 1 musician * 2 days = 1,000 CHF

Total wages per the musicians-18,500

*** TOTAL EXPENSES: 28,170 ***

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Nina Dimitri