The talented Baden Basket 54 Women’s Team has been playing in the second best league (NLB) for many years and would now like to, with your support, make the jump into the highest league (NLA).

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Baden Basket 54 - Our club

Baden Basket 54 holds about 300 active members and about 20 passive members, making it into one of the biggest basketball clubs in German-speaking Switzerland. Since the foundation of our club in 1954, we have been offering training and playing opportunities to all basketball enthusiasts in the Baden region, sharing our love for this incredible sport. Above all, we are committed to bringing young boys and girls into the gym and introducing them to concepts of team spirit, respect and a desire to perform a fast, athletic and tactically demanding sport. Our first team players, who perform at the national level in the second highest (Women 1) and third highest league (Men 1), represent great role models for our junior pool of kids. Many juniors watch them and aspire to play their favorite sport at the highest level. This is why, it is of our desire to make this dream come true for Baden 54.

NLA women's basketball in Baden - Our vision

In the last few years, we have been able to expand our junior division and thus lay an excellent foundation for a strong Ladies 1st team, making us one of the strongest teams in the National League B. A promotion to the National League A is now within reach. Nevertheless, this comes with significant financial demands. While the championship fees would triple, there would also be additional costs for renting of the halls, traveling to games and putting together a professional squad. Overall, additional costs of at least CHF 60,000 per season are expected.

In the NLA with your support

Among other projects, in 2021 we founded the Supporter Club Baden Basket 54 to help finance these additional costs. This club, offers basketball enthusiasts and local businesses a unique networking platform through which new acquaintances and connections can be made. Thanks to our supporters, a considerable amount has already been raised. However, to fully cover the budgeted additional costs, we still need to cover more than half of the required CHF 60’000. With this crowdfunding project and your support, we are confident that we can bring our team into the NLA while sharing with your a range of unique rewards. Our club, fans and players are very excited and appreciative and thank you in advance for your support!