Imagine a web platform that can measure how much is strong an idea. Quantify the public opinion. Thanks to the social networking websites people are connected each other through a complex net. This can make the propagation of ideas in the SNs very fast.

We have developed (beta version at the moment) and we would like to quit the incubation phase, hire some employees to help the development, start a marketing campaign and promote the website. All of this requires funding and the minimum funding required to lunch the full website, in order to stay online for 1 year, is just CHF 10’000, which correspond to our minimum goal.

  • Server costs (SSL, E-mails, Hosting in CH, Domain, etc.).
  • Website and contents translations.
  • Website maintenance.

Our ideal goal is about CHF 100’000, in order to expand and consolidate the company.

  • Marketing campaign.
  • Technicians (1 or 2) to help the developments.
  • Quit the incubation phase.
  • Development of an APP for iOS and Android.

We are 5 guys to work for this project. We have skills in different domains, from marketing to engineering. We truly believe that a good idea can change the world. Never underestimate the power of ideas.. because ideas are bulletproof ;)

Our mission is to provide a web platform where people can publish, share and support ideas for free. We truly believe that a good idea can change the world. The online social networks already allow it, but they are not designed for that purpose. is made precisely for sharing ideas. Never underestimate the power of ideas… because a good idea can change the world!

Supporting this project you will help a swiss start-up to grow up and to create a world made by ideas!

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