You could have stadium atmosphere with the «nocommentator» at your living room or PublicViewing.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 20/11/2014

The Idea

I got the idea before this years world cup. I’d invited friends to watch the game at my place and was already getting a headache just thinking about all the hobby commentators shouting against the tv-commentator. How cool would it be to simply switch off the tv-commentator? There is an old karaoke trick which occured to me. I inserted a small mixing desk between my tv and stereo. The result was no more commentator in my living room, just stadium sound.

As not everybody has a mixing desk at home, I thought it should be possible to pack the system into a small, affordable box.

How it works

Connect the «nocommentator» with the audio-output of your tv or set topbox with a phono-cable. If you don’t have a phono-output on your tv (laptops have only a headphone output) you can plug in a galvanic separator (in electronic shops) between the audiosource and the nocommentator.

Then you connect the audio-output of the nocommentator with the audio-input of your stereo. Then connect the power to the «nocommentator», and switch on the amplifier.

If you set the switch to «without» the commentator dissapears in the stadium ambience. If the resulting crowd noise is too quiet you can increase the level with the volume knob. There is also a knob for fine adjustement.

It works with football, ice-hockey and tennis. Formula 1 and athletics don’t work. The stadium sound needs to be stereo (you can check this with headphones).

For the following I need your support:

We need to produce a certain amount of units to make this work cost effective. Please let us know if you would like to have a «nocommentator» at home or in a restaurant. When we have enough preorders we can go into production (made in Switzerland, for sure).

If we reach the target:

The production will start and after approx. four months you should have your «nocommentator». You will be informed by the newsletter (email) over the progress of the project.