«Tree to Bar» hand-made chocolate supporting local organic cocoa farmers. Swiss made chocolate without intermediary from the cocoa farm and with strong quality and sustainable and ethic values.

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Concluded on 8/7/2018

«Tree to Bar» - the ethic and sustainable Swiss chocolate, with absolutely no intermediary at all !

Our project, NOANOA chocolat, aims to create an hand-made Swiss chocolate that has absolutely no intermediary: «Tree to Bar».

This project is launched by Alexis, organic cocoa grower and producer in Cameroun, and by Isabel, «Chocolate addict» in Switzerland. We wish to bring together these two worlds: cocoa growers and producers in Cameron and chocolate consumers in Switzerland !

Our chocolate «NOANOA chocolat» allows the chocolate consumer to be in direct link with the cocoa grower, the basis of its chocolate.

NOANOA chocolat, it is In Cameroun, at the origin:

  • direct support to the local cocoa growers as well as social project in favour of the young (scholarship project in cooperation with the Lycée Technique Agricole) and valorisation of the women works;
  • conservation of the Tropical forest thanks to a plantation in a system of Agroforestry;
  • a chocolate based from 100% organic cocoa beans, which are soon to be labelled by the «Ecocert» certification (August 2018);
  • all and only natural processes (harvesting, drying and fermentation) which can be further adapted to provide the best taste to the final chocolate !

In Switzerland:

  • a delicious and tasty Swiss chocolate created together with renowned master chocolate makers (such as Christophe Moret and his «L’Espace Chocolat»);
  • a natural and healthy chocolate made only of cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar (…and milk for its milk chocolate bars :), nothing else !
  • the ability to know everything from each of the manufacturing steps, from the cocoa tree nursery in Cameroun to the wrapped chocolate bar in Switzerland.

A good chocolate that does good

Going a step further than the «Bean to Bar», NOANOA chocolat is part of the pioneers to be invested in the demanding «Tree to Bar» approach.

Samples of our chocolate (with various cocoa contents, dark and milk chocolate) have already been created and tested by several chocolate makers in Lausanne and Geneva as well as by several «chocolate fans».

Further to their positive and encouraging feedbacks, we started the production of our first chocolate tabs NOANOA chocolat !

Support us and help to develop the organic cocoa farm in Cameroun !

Your support will allow NOANOA chocolate to further develop its cocoa farm in Cameroun, namely by :

  • Producing its own organic fertiliser;
  • Finalising the cocoa beans and chocolate tabs Ecocert (organic) certification;
  • Constructing 3 sites dedicated to the fermentation of its beans, their drying and another one to their storage;
  • Improving cocoa farm equipments;
  • Improving the integration of the young in the plantation and supporting them to re-integrate studies;
  • Develop the production of Igname to support women’s work in the farm.

This farm development and improvement is a first step in our project. As a second step, we aim to locally develop the first phase of cocoa transformation into chocolate, so to increase the local knowhow and have the maximum of the cocoa beens added value in Cameroun.

We aim to finance this second phase, more costly, using the income generated by the sales of NOANOA chocolat tabs.

Hence, it is necessary to first finalise the farm development, the well-being of its farmers and family and to keep a long term and sustainable view.

We believe and are convinced the Agroforestry approach and organic farm with its social projects is the right way to move on and have this along term and sustainable view !

Last, but not least, here is the detail of what was already invested and done in the plantation in Cameroun at the origin of the first chocolate tabs:

  • of the 12 young men who recently joined NOANOA chocolate cocoa farm, some will already go back to school in parallel to their work for the next scholar year. This is supported directly by NOANOA chocolat.
  • 5 ha of manioc were already planted in the farm by and for the women of the village;
  • Ecocert organic certification already financed for a part of the cocoa farm (this crowdfunding will allow financing the certification of the rest of the cocoa farm);
  • More than 30 ha of cocoa in Agroforestry were planted together with avocado, citrus fruits and mango trees (more ha to be planted thanks to this crowdfunding);
  • Guava tree, soursop and moringa trees nursery in the view of their Agroforestry association with the cocoa trees.