None Of Them & Zweihund

by Nice Try Records

Mumbai and Zurich

«None Of Them» make music for the 22nd century. Filmmakers zweihund will shoot a video clip in India for the song «Silence», which will appear simultaneously with the debut album.

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Successfully concluded on 16/10/2014

What it is about:

Silence meets centuries-old traditions.

With zweihund from Winterthur, we have found two brilliant Swiss filmmakers: they’ve made numerous contributions to film- and videoclip festivals worldwide and have already won many prices up until now. The idea and concept of the video they have in mind for «Silence» totally convinced us. Now it’s up to us to convince you to financially support this videoclip and therefore to make it happen!

The clip will appear on November 7th, together with the debut album «One Of Them». Its purpose is to draw attention to the album and None Of Them, and hopefully raise odds of the band playing through an intense festival summer of 2015.

None Of Them are from Zürich – Signup is the Master of Ceremony and Michal Ho is the Selector.

Listen to an excerpt from «Silence»

The Project:

Filmmakers zweihund have had the idea of combining futuristic music with shots of people observing ancient rituals in India for a long time. Finally, with the song «Silence» by None Of Them, this idea finds a suitable partner.

The filmmakers should be able to travel to Mumbai in search of movement, body, ritual and abstraction.

«Through the documentary perspective of the camera, we the observers are able to become part of an intimate moment. An experiment, which during the course of our work in the field, will be formed into a music video. The song »Silence« and our geographical route will provide a framework.

The footage will model itself around the song. A process-oriented approach, whose point of departure is yet impossible to predict. The clip’s focus does not lie on narration, but on using the dynamics and anti-structure of the song to create impulses for spontaneous ideas.»

With your support!

With your support you help us fund:

  • Two flights to India and back
  • Accommodation and Food in situ
  • Travel Visa
  • Technical equipment
  • Production assistant in situ

What you get for your support

None Of Them will produce a number of unique items: from post cards, collages, large posters, to a performance, from which two objects of art will originate. All rewards will include a download code for the album.

Have a look at the rewards!

Production of the album «One Of Them» is supported by Popkredit der Stadt Zürich.