We are thirteen young artists (Cie Il Branco) and we will perform our piece «Nothing is Lost» at the Teatro Dimitri (TI) in October. We are spread all over Europe and we need your help to reunite!

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Company Il Branco

We are «Il Branco», a recently founded theater company that reunites thirteen young artists, formerly classmates, into a professional association. We created our piece Nothing is Lost in the summer of 2018 as our final piece in the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, along with our directors, Olivia Corsini and Serge Nicolaï.  Since then, we played once in Verbania during the Cross Project Festival in june 2019. We all came a long way to reunite, one year after we finished the school, and we felt the strong desire to carry on with this work and found a company in order to do so. And that is how Il Branco was born, in September 2019.

«Nothing is Lost» at Teatro Dimitri

Our next step is a show in the Teatro Dimitri (Ticino, Switzerland), on the 29th of October 2019! The theater kindly offers a place for our show in their «Trampolino di Lancio» program, meaning they offer us the space for rehearsals and the show. Now there are a few things that we need to put together, and here’s where your help comes in. Here are the expense we need to cover :

-Travel expense: we come from all over Europe, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, different parts of Switzerland.

-Technician salary : as a young company, we accept to do our first shows and being paid very little, but we insist on paying our technician (Emanuele Pontecorvo) properly. 

-Props : there are a few things that we need to buy everytime we perform that we can not store (apples, nail polish, manure etc…), and a few props that we need to replace.

-Catering : finally, we need to gather a little money for food during the two days of rehearsal and the day of the show. Coffee & pasta will keep us woke and fit ! 

We need around 3000 Fr.- to cover all of our expense.

Thank you, Danke, Merci, Grazie, Obrigado, 谢谢, Děkuji for your support! Your help is much appreciated!

About the show

«Nothing is Lost» has been created in june 2018. It is a collective work of ours directed by Serge Nicolai and Olivia Corsini. During six weeks we worked in a small village in Ticino, exposed our fears, told our stories, searched for answers, and transformed this material into a theatrical form. The show speaks about us, about our generation and our struggles, about our societies and their legacy to us. It’s a dive into our perception of this world, in which we celebrate the power of both art and empathy. That is what motivated the title of the piece: what the future holds for us might be scary and uncertain, but as long as we keep fighting and caring for one another, nothing is lost.

«Nothing Is Lost is a piece that corrodes inside. It cannot, and should not leave us indifferent: thirteen individual pieces become a unique piece, sapiently orchestrated by the directors.» Giacomo Moceri, Venice Open Stage Festival, June 2018

«You expressed delicate stories with such a fine balance of determination and virtuosity. It is intelligent, moving, original and thrilling.» David Dimitri, Teatro Dimitri, July 2018

Direction: Serge Nicolai and Olivia Corsini

Actors: Yaël Horowicz, Delphine Delabeye, Jean-David L’Hoste-Lehnherr, Lia Schädler, Marzella Ruegge, Tizian Olivieri, Maximilian Friedel, Jakob Sambeth, Giorgia Marzetti, Alice Gauthier, Tianyu Gu, Jan Stránský, Natália Koehler Karam.

Technician: Emanuele Pontecorvo