We are Noyoco!

Originating from the 80s and back to the future. Singer songwriter composition meets analog sounds. That is Noyoco. «It’s the kind of music we were both looking for. Challenging while still being simple and good.» After the first steps in 2017, we quickly realized that Noyoco will be the band for us where we can unfold and be ourselves without compromise. The boundaries of popular genres like mainstream and indie are blasted. The result is a trend-setting international sound with catchy, danceable melodies, sophisticated beats, powerful synthesizers and a distinctive naked voice. «Two years later, when we subordinated everything to the band, 10 songs have been recorded and produced. Everything completely self-developed and 100% financed with own funds.»

Our debut album «Nothing to Lose»

«Nothing to Lose» was created in a two-year creative period and contains 10 indie pop songs, which i.a. reflect the lights in New York («Golden Lights»), our nightly meetings with mythical creatures («Black and White»), the dependence on gambling («Money»), the luck to put the sun in your pocket ( «Pocket Size Sun»), to fall for your one night stand («Nothing to Lose») or call for rescue in the end («Hey Rover»). We have already published the last two as singles. A 3rd one with music video will follow before the release of the album with 300 pieces of vinyl and album t-shirts. But therefore we need your support!

Therefore we need you!

We want to give our album the shine it deserves and release «Nothing to Lose» on vinyl! On top of that album t-shirts and a new music video!

Vinyl is modern again. Beautiful black shellac to put on the turntable, while listening check out the cover’s artwork, afterwards put on the new shirt, open YouTube and get the music video as a bonus gift …

100% of the money goes into the vinyl pressing, t-shirt production and shooting, editing, grading of the new music video!

We thought about great rewards and look forward to your support! With your help, the project can become a reality!

Thank you and lots of love, Noyoco