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The project

We’d like to create an oasis in familar style. It will be enviromentally responsible and on a vegan basis. Small, simple and close to nature. Where you can make holidays, enjoy the nature, regenerate and activate yourself. With lovingly constructed tiny houses to rent, a little practice for holistic treatments, a small spa (garden sauna, whirlpool bath) and a SUP school with options to rent and take classes.

All offers will be affordable – everybody should be able to benefit from the project. If you can’t afford holidays, you’re heartly welcome to help in the garden or elsewhere during your stay. We also want to be able to give our offers in exchange of other offers.

The thinking of a future self-supply plays a big role. We also want to give workshops about self-supply and ecologically responsible living, so we can spread the thoughts of a sustainable living.

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The location and its history:

It’s in a small village in the north-east of France near the border to Germany. It’s located at the lakeside, actually it’s a barrier lake, a relict of the past Maginot Line. Here you meet deers walking through the gardens in the afternoon, with some luck you’ll spot an otter in the water, the forest is full of delicious mushrooms and the nights are really dark, in the mornings you wake up to the songs of the birds. It’s near the border to Germany, so it’s a mixed culture here.

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What do we need the money for?

It’s about buying a plot of land to realise this dream. There are several plots of which we like the following two ones. Finally it’s up to your support, which one it will be. Since I’m mostly working as a freelancer, the banks refused my requests for a hypothecary credit.

The parcels

The small one:

1100 sqm. With apple/pear/cherry/peach/plum and other trees. A small gardening house with electricity. With building permit.

The big one:

4440 sqm, a wild garden with several trees. A small massive bathing house with two showers and two toilets, developed with gas, water and electricity. With building permit.

This two nearby parcels are only a few meters from the lakeside. The big one lays partly at the waterside.

The greatest would be of course to collect enough to buy both parcels. So we could create a 5000 sqm big Oasis.

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Who will benefit from the Oasis?

  • Everyone who’d like to spend some relaxing holidays close to nature, with every budget, can benefit from the Oasis.
  • The locals and the guests from the camping at the other lakeside can benefit from the massage and the SUP offer. A cooperation with the camping is in our mind, especially for the SUP.
  • Through its situation it’s very interesting for transients. It’s situated on half-way between Belgium-Switzerland, South France-North Germany, West France-East Germany, The Baltic-Mediterranean, so it’s ideal for spending some nights at a beautiful place.
  • Helping hands, that like to help building up, are very welcome and catered for free.

Who we are

Me, Anna, 30y, I’m dreaming of this project since a long time. I see it as my calling to create something that adds to the wellfare of the earth, of humans and nature. I’d like to go on as an example for sustainable living. Originally I’m a physiotherapist, now selfemployed massager, SUP Instructor and part-time lifeguard. I love working in the garden and I’m caring for my vegetable plants with passion and fascination.

I’m the initiator of this project. It’s not yet clear who is going to be with me in this project, so at the moment I’m only introducing myself.

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