An electronical music album, but not only ...

After producing two albums, a few EPs and remixes, Boodaman comes back after a long absence with a daring project and an exciting technical challenge:

Producing a coherent and modern album of electronic music based on modular synthesis, leaving aside the computer input as much as possible (except for the recording) in order to be focused on the sound and to work as it was done in the 70s and 80s. Decades during which the audience discovered electronic music thanks to Pierre Henry and his famous Psyche Rock or Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Giogio Moroder and many more.

The music composed for this album remains nonetheless accessible and each track is dressed with powerful rhythmics, big bass, arpeggios or melodies. They will make you travel through the years 1970 and 2018.

Why «Obédiences électroniques»? It is an obvious reference to his creative approach, to his personality and the taste of the composer; at the same time a look in the direction that our society is following more and more with the new technologies, its submissive pleasures and its excesses.

You can listen to (and see) the first single released end 2017 from this album.

The visual of the album is already ready but remains confidential for now, surprise! What we can already say is that there will be 12 titles (maybe even 13) for a musical journey lasting for about an hour.

Here is the playlist:

  • 01 Even The Heaven
  • 02 Rochechouart
  • 03 Christical Mass (feat. Therminal C)
  • 04 Never Ending Point
  • 05 Elements
  • 06 Sakiño
  • 07 Crucial Moment (interlude)
  • 08 Alep
  • 09 Obédiences Électroniques
  • 10 TCTMA
  • 11 The End Of The Beginning
  • 12 Your Not Alone But I am

What is special about my project?

Another lambda electro project?

Not really. As you probably understood, this album is almost entirely made with «hardware» synthesizers and mainly modular. In addition, Boodaman designs and manufactures some of the modules used in this album.

Because of this approach or constraint, depending on the point of view, the composition is different and the final rendering is vintage while having a modern sound. The dynamic range is bigger and the sound less compressed, the saturation of the tubes pre-amp has been intentionally pushed, to resume, it is a concept, a laboratory, an experience for the artist and the listener more than an album qualified as «standard».

After more than two years of research and investment and another year spent composing it, the album «Obédiences Électroniques» is finally finished!

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What will your support be used for?

At the moment, the production of the album is almost finished (a title has already been released on 27.10.2017 with its videoclip).

Boodaman masters all the processes to artistically finalise it but a project does not really exist until it leaves the studio of its creator to meet the listeners and the audience. For this matter, it is important to make it known to the greatest number by making it as visible as possible thanks to the community and a good promotional campaign.

Wemakeit and crowdfunding in general are a first step in this direction and your support will further widen the visibility of this project by offering a significant promotion.

The logical continuation of this project is also to be fixed on a physical support of quality, doubled of a beautiful object: the vinyl.

In short, your contribution will be used to finance:

  • The visual of the vinyl sleeve (10% of funding)
  • The manufacture of 150 vinyl copies (50% of funding)
  • The video for this crowdfunding project (5% of funding)
  • A press / promotional campaign to significantly increase the visibility of this project. (25% of funding)
  • Wemakit campaign fees (10% of funding)