Here is the teaser for Obsession, which will take place on the 27th of february 2016 at 20h00 at the Comedie de la Gare, Uptown Center Geneva.

Resulto Association

Resulto is a not-for-profit association whose aims are to promote the work of Melinda Perles, dancer, choreographer and artistic director of the Resulto association.

The company is at the moment composed of 6 dancers: Pascal Bois Bunon, Floriane Michaud, Mélina De Lamarlière, Vanessa Allain, Benjamin Sanou and Melinda Perles.


What is it about?

The goal of my show Obsession is to increase awareness on a problem that has become a taboo because of how difficult it is to understand for people not affected by it. The show will be about 3 distinct obsessions:

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (Ocd): Repetition of a given gesture, rituals of verification, cleaning, counting etc…
  • Obsessive love: Excessive jealousy, possessivity, need to control the other.
  • Obsession of weight: Seeing oneself as too fat or too skinny when it is rationally not the case.

Through this creation which goes from dance (Modern-jazz/Contemporary and Hip-Hop) to theatrical interpretation, I am trying to spread strong messages. Some are for people directly affected by these irrational thoughts and others are destined to the relatives for whom it is often difficult to understand this sickness. Because we can say it out loud, it is a sickness.

Obsessions, irrational and excessive thoughts are often linked. They prevent the affected persons from living normally and cause a tremendous amount of suffering.

The obsessive/irrational thoughts some persons are suffering from are based on unfounded beliefs. These persons often tend to think that disastrous events will occur if they do not do things in a very specific manner. Often of stressed nature, people affected by these obsessions try to keep control of their lives and the lives of their relatives by keeping this thought process. When these thoughts become obsessive (when they do not leave someone’s mind), they lead to the affected persons gradually isolating themselves from the outside world to avoid any additionnal stress.



For me, this show is the realisation of a dream I have had since childhood. I still remember that when I was 7, I already wanted to become a dancer and choreographer. I already wanted to present my own creation. And here I am today, so close to seeing this dream become reality. Of course there is a lot of pressure and hard work involved but I feel so much gratitude and happiness to have arrived where I am today. The theme of the show is of course not a coincidence. I have been thinking about it for more than two years. This topic is very close to my heart, having suffered from Ocd for more than ten years and knowing friends and relatives that still suffer from the 3 obsessions displayed in this show.

We need you

The Resulto association needs you to present the show Obsession and spread strong messages on a topic seldom talked about.After a hard battle to make this show become a reality, the association has less funds available than initially expected. This is why we have turned to Wemakeit in the hope of obtaining the minimum of 3000 CHF that we still need, and maybe, with your help, even more!

These funds would allow to pay for:

  • Renting of the rehearsal room
  • Renting of the venue for the show on the 27th of february 2016
  • The dancer’s salary
  • The costumes
  • Advertising for the show (flyers, posters, the teaser, photographs)
  • The scenery

Thank you !

Thank you very much for your interest and your support and thank you for believing in this project!