Who I am

My name is Elvis Gomes. On the 20th of February 2012, I had my first intrusive thought that started my obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). I’m glad to tell you what this project is all about in the above illustrated video. My aim is to inform people about this mental disorder and to give hope to the concerned ones.

I participated on «Switzerland gots talent» with my original song «Let Me Go» that expresses my experience with my OCD.
If you want to have more informations about my struggle with OCD and what led me to start this project, go to www.ocdletmego.com

The Project

Basically, the project is divided into two parts:

  1. Here is where wemakeit comes into play and where I need your help. I need CHF 15’000 CHF ($15’200) to record and shoot the videoclip of my song «Let Me Go».
  2. Once the video is done, I will post it on Youtube, where I already earn money, and it will be based on a system that donates money. In other words: 1 VIEW = 1 DONATION.

Details of the Costs:

  • Song recording: CHF 3’000
  • Videoclip shooting: CHF 10’000
  • Advertisement: CHF 2’000

If at the end we surpass the CHF 15’000, obviously, it will be donated to the respective organizations about OCD.

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