We are going to build an off grid Tiny House

We bought a trailer chassis in New Zealand that is specially designed to have a Tiny House built on it. We designed our home ourselves and we will build it with the help of friends and family. For environmental and cost reasons, we will use as many recycled materials as possible. (We already have a few windows, drawer handles and wood for the outside walls!;)). We want to build our home simple but also durable and sustainable and because recycling is not always the best solution for that, we will be buying certain things new, such as: a 7.2kw solar system to cover our electricity needs ourselves; Sheep wool insulation because this is the healthiest, warmest and most sustainable and natural insulation material that we know of; a «natures head» composting toilet to save water and electricity and a small wood stove to heat and cook with in winter.


Why a Tiny House?

We get to build our home ourselves and we will be able to live flexible, independent, environmental friendly and reasonably cheap. Those things will enable us to put our time and energy into projects that help other people. For example Rangi Tu’s parents have a beautiful property in New Zealand with a lot of potential. They know many things about nature, health and sustainability (and much more) and they share their precious knowledge with other people by running workshops. They have a lot of amazing ideas and dreams for their property - like building a cabin for running workshops, massage therapies, natural healing, art&crafts and more - but they don’t have enough time to realise them all. We love their place and want to help them with realising their dreams!


What we need backing for:

To create a healthy, simple and eco friendly home we will - how we explained above - be getting a:

  • 7.2kw solar system (CHF4’110)
  • Sheepwool insulation (CHF960)
  • Composting toilet (CHF1’200)
  • Small fireplace (CHF1’300)

In addition to that, CHF1’000 will go to wemakeit and the rest will cover the rewards and the shipping of the rewards.

Do you also like the idea of a simple and environmental friendly life? Then you are the perfect person to help us realise our dream! We really appreciate every bit of support and everyone who supports us will get a nice reward from us! :) Thank you very much!

Kind regards Rangi Tu & Marama

On the following photos you can see some of our rewards!

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