This is what it's all about.

In ten conversations, Sergison Bates architects discuss current questions of urban planning and contemporary architecture with Swiss colleagues with whom they share insights and experiences.


Our project is special because ...

The conversations are as varied as the guests invited: «Learning from the recent past» reads the exchange with Stanislaus von Moos, «Lessons from teaching» the conversation with Ludovica Molo and «Exploring Construction» with Roger Boltshauser.

A gem is the appendix: it gathers the best speech recognition errors that amused the team of editors when transcribing the conversations - ’Hardbrücke’ or ’heart bouquet’, ’Venturi’ or ’violent tory’? These finds are a cheerful reminder of the subversive power of communication technology in the age of Zoom.

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This is what we need backing for.

The exhibition «The Practice of Architecture» at the Museum im Bellpark in Kriens was actually planned for May 2020, to mark the tenth anniversary of the Zurich office of Sergison Bates. Due to Corona, the exhibition had to be postponed to November 2020 and finally to May 2021. Under the continuing uncertainty, the idea arose to use the time to work on a publication.

Turning the challenges that the Covid 19 emergency threw our way into an opportunity was appealing. This is how «On and around architecture – Ten conversations» came into being, a publication that is more than a mere exhibition catalogue. We depend on your support for these unplanned expenses.

Thanks to your contributions we will be able to document in print these original insights on contemporary architectural discourse.