Operapremiere - The encounters of Alice

It is an opera in four parts, based on the story of Alice in Wonderland and composed by Angel Hernández-Lovera for five singers, dancers and ensemble.

We decided to stand out from the traditional forms of music theater. We would like to propose a contemporary alternative that improves the understanding and perception of the opera. We try to give opera a new meaning and to motivate people, especially young people, to visit opera. What prevents young people from watching operas? The distance. That is why our production tries to avoid any distance between the audience and artists so that they can coexist in the common field of emotions.

During the night Alice, an 18-year-old woman, wanders through the streets of Vienna after getting lost from the school group with which she came to Austria.

This night will change her future and change her. After various encounters, she is on a cruel and delusional adventure.

How does the myth of Alice embody a youth looking for itself and its limits? How does the legend of Alice face the present? A woman, a city, a night and night people.

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About the composer - Angel Hernandez-Lovera

I am Angel, the composer of the opera. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself: I am 35 years old and have been making music since I was 8 years old. I started my apprenticeship at El Sistema-Venezuela, where I had the opportunity to study with fantastic teachers. My greatest pride was being led by Maestro José Antonio Abreu, who was like a father to me, in the field of music.

After studying in Venezuela, I came to Europe because I wanted to learn more about the new trends and old traditions. Here I finished my composition diploma at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory with Tibor Nehmet. I also learned from great composers who helped me find my own language in my music. Such as: Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Peter Eötvös, Krzysztof Penderecki, etc. Already in my professional life as a composer I had wonderful opportunities, such as writing and working with great ensembles and musicians, such as: Ensemble Intercontemporain, Phase Ensemble, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Simon Bolivar Orchestra, Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Yury Revich, etc.

In 2017 I started my (this) opera and found great singers for it and put together a great team that will accompany me on this adventure.

The music director is Marta Gardolinska: a serious and fresh director, about whom a lot of good things are said on all stages and by all orchestras in the world with which she works.

It is directed by Pascal Neyron and Sole Speche, who lead a very active life between theater and opera in Paris and make their debut in Vienna.

The main role is played by Anna Molnar (Alice), a young and experienced Hungarian mezzo-soprano, who has played important roles in various productions.

The soprano Claudia Goebl with her beautiful and powerful voice and her great charisma is represented in two roles (The «Red Queen» and the «March Hare»)

Young countertenor Kevin Elsnig will (in my opinion) be the most entertaining and mysterious role in the whole opera.

The experienced baritone Andreas Jankowitsch will breathe life into an old sage and something special, the Absolute Caterpillar.

The tenor Oliver Ringelhahn will represent two roles, but actually three characters, since the role of Dee & Dum is a bipolar man and the other character is the mad hatter.

Tis is my opera and our project. Now we need your help to achieve this.


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