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What is happening to me?

My name is Clint. I am a 6 year old Malinois shepherd. A few days ago, suddenly, I was seized with a violent pain which forced me to stop all the activities that I share with my young master. The diagnosis fell: osteoarthritis of the hip which requires an operation at the Tierspital in Bern (Switzerland).

The right femoral head and the acetabulum (receptacle of the femur) have osteoarthritis to the point where I can no longer walk or live a normal life. Usually, I practice a lot of activity with Julien, my master but also and especially my friend.

We do missing persons search, running, trail, object search and also beautiful hikes.


Why do I need help?

Unfortunately, without this operation none of these activities nor a normal life is possible. Despite all the goodwill of my master, it is difficult for him to cover all the costs which are estimated at around 4,500 to 5,000 Swiss francs.

Also, I appeal to your kind heart to help me carry out the operation which will make my life pleasant again.

What is it for ?

The nearly 5,000 francs will cover the operation itself, but also the x-rays before and after the operation and my stay for 2-3 days in the hospital for postoperative follow-up.

Whatever amount of donation you decide to give, I already say a huge thank you.