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We are the Kociuban-Gamsachurdia Duo: cellist and conductor Wiktor Kociuban and pianist and composer Demetre Gamsachurdia. We focus on the performance of contemporary music.

We want to show that new music is not purely an intellectual or theoretical activity. We seek to illuminate to a wider audience, the character of living composers giving richness of sound, joy of creation and a certain craziness of visions. Our new project «Oracle’s Blast» is an exploration of new paths. It consists of five brand new pieces, none of them being older than three years. We want to make a CD with those pieces. Our physical travels have brought us to perform in countries like Poland, Georgia, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine etc. But our musical journey goes much further, from deepest profoundness unto realms of purest sound! When we play, we get lost in the music. We devote all our mental and spiritual energy to the production of new works. We try to encourage composers to write new pieces that take unusual paths. Our method is to work with the composers as closely as possible. We believe this is the only way to achieve the true vision of the composer.

Our newest project «Oracle’s Blast» is an unique collaboration between interpreters and composers: all of the five pieces have been written especially for us. They all may differ in style and aural aesthetic, but they have one thing in common: a deep feeling and intention of sound!

To make it short: we will make a CD in co-production with the swiss radio SRF. The contract with the swiss radio SRF is signed and we will record the pieces in the beginning of June in Zurich.

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We need your help for:

A CD-production is expensive. But with your help we can complete the project! With your support, five new pieces of up-and-coming composers will be recorded on CD, composers hailing from Switzerland, Brazil, USA, Germany and Georgia!

If you give, you shall receive! On the right side you can check out what you get if you contribute.

We thank you for your support!