Ein Projekt, das aus dem Bedürfnis heraus entstand, sich über die Herausforderungen der Arbeitswelt in Kunst und Kultur auszutauschen und aus dem Bestreben, gemeinsam Lösungen zu finden.

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Hello, my name is Ina. I graduated from HGK Basel in 2020 and am a founding member of the association Out & About with four fellow alumni.

Our name plays with our principle «out of school and about to work» and the English phrase «out and about», which means to get active, to be on the move, to meet friends - in short, to be in the middle of life and to take things actively into one’s own hands.

An activity that is currently severely limited by Covid19. Instead of being outside, we are inside; and instead of being «out and about», we are in a passive waiting position for what is yet to come. Especially after recent graduation or upcoming career changes, this can be a nerve-wracking experience.

  • Funding members - foto: Florence Dreier
    Funding members - foto: Florence Dreier

Our goals and methods

Our primary target group is creative professionals who have graduated from the HGK Basel in 2020 and 2021, but also young artists, art educators, designers, and curators from the region and beyond.

The main focus of the project is to support young professionals in the cultural sector, responding directly to the crisis-ridden months of the Covid19 pandemic, which have contributed to a worsening job situation, especially in the cultural sector. Particular focus is placed on the situation of women and groups of people who continue to be relatively underrepresented in the arts and cultural scene and can therefore particularly benefit from increased visibility and support.

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Your support

In the coming year, we will share with you conversations by experts and give you exemplary insights into different professions, but also helpful tips about tools & methods for working life.

On the one hand, we achieve this through qualitative video interviews in which we are given deeper insights into various vitas and professions. For example, from the artist Hannah Weinberger or the head of art education at the Fondation Beyeler, Janine Schmutz.

Online we would like to exchange with alumni and get into conversation with each other via online chats and forums. All offers are provided free of charge and bilingual to meet our claim of inclusion.

We provide working time, commitment and networking work as our own contribution, but are urgently dependent on external funding, for example to enable fair fees and technical implementation.

We are grateful to be supported by the GGG Foundation, Gesellschaft für das gute und Gemeinnützige Basel, Migros Kulturprozent and CMS AG Soforthilfe. However, in order to secure the project for its entire duration and to continue to provide it free of charge to our fellow alumni, we are also dependent on support.

Follow, support and network at:

Website: outandabout.rocks Instagram: outandabout.Basel

You are also welcome to contact us anytime at: out.about.hello@gmail.com

  • Culture and arts city tour through Basel
    Culture and arts city tour through Basel
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    Poster (dummy)
  • BBQ and Filmscreening
    BBQ and Filmscreening
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    Coffee & Cake