Pacifica «Spears»

We, Domenico Ferrari and Bálint Dobozi a.k.a. PACIFICA, film director Benjamin Weiss and director of photography Christian Witschi – are creating a music short called «Spears», an artistically exceptional and technically innovative music video for a new PACIFICA Track.

Who we are

As Pacifica, we have been producing and performing electronic music for one and a half years. We have had two releases on Swiss record label Drumpoet so far, «Blaze» and «Memory Man», which have been received well internationally.

Listen to «Blaze» and «Desert Sky».

For one of these tracks, «6:34 AM», we have created a simple iPhone slow motion video and have been fascinated with this art form ever since:

We are not pale studio nerds but love to go out and play live. Check out this recent recording of our liveset.

Of course we keep composing and producing new tracks. For one of those, «Spears», we joined forces with filmmakers Benjamin Weiss and Christian Witschi to create an outstanding music video.

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What’s the movie about

We are filming a 8 minute super-slow-motion movie that uses the long arch created by the music and translates it into moving images. It is located on a diving platform, in wildly growing dream landscapes, under water and in the rough nature of the Alps. Main roles include a diver, fast-growing plants filmed in timelapse, a mountain lake, and a helicopter ride. We use not only the country’s fastest cameras, but also custom high-performance rigs realizing technical innovations in filming never used before. All in all, we are making an ambitious art movie with lots of technical innovation and an electronic soundtrack.

Check out our video at the top of this page to learn more about the movie project.

The money that we are raising here goes straight to this elaborate film project. Many helping hands are supporting this cause for little or no money. Despite this awesome help many services and allowances in kind are simply not available for free. We want to create something exceptional, and that, well, costs.

What we give back

Helping us is not an act of selflessness alone. We give something back! Check out our list of attractive rewards for your engagement. We will cook for you, you join us at the movie premiere or at the shooting, we come and play music at your party, live or as DJs, or you get a signed vinyl record from us! There really is something for everyone.

Just do it.

Watch our promotional video and get to know more about the project. Help us to realize this movie! Thank you for any kind of support.