Panfili & Friends 1st Album

by Rusanda


Our first album «Primul», a new and refreshing combination between classical and folklore music, is about to be released! We need your help to transform our 3 years journey into reality!

EUR 12’370

112% of EUR 11’000

112 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

162 backers

Successfully concluded on 3/2/2020


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Everyone received an email when the campaign was finished so you can always contact me directly if you have any further questions! Thank you!

Hello everyone! We want to thank the ones who haven’t received their packages yet for their patience. We have sent most of the packages already but due to the fact that the mailing system is still blocked towards Asia, Australia, Canada and South America we are still waiting to deliver our last packages. We are constantly staying updated with the mailing situation and promise you will receive your package once they are open.
Best regards!

Hello, Have you shopped the CDs? I know delivery issue, just wondering if this issue has been solved.

Hello. Have you shipped the CDs ? Just wondering, I know u had delays.

HI Everyone! finally our CD's have arrived and we now have all the perks! We are so happy and will pack like crazy for next few days for you to receive your packages as soon as possible! We are truly sorry it lasted so long, but mostly it was due to delays in the deliveries. Thank you for understanding , and to show you our gratitude, you will find some little surprise in your packages! warmest greetings from Austria!

Hello... have the CDs shipped yet? Thank you!

It looks like the number of our backers is growing although the campaign is finished :) We are very happy! Thank you!!

Only a few minutes left until our campaign is officially over! We are very grateful for your support and can't wait to share our music with you! This has been a very fulfilling experience and showed us how many music lovers are out there supporting new projects! THANK YOU!

Rusanda is one of my biggest idols and I'm very fascinated and inspired by her violin playing and her musicality! I love the music from Panfili & Friends and also the fact, that different musicians come together to use their talents to make wonderful music!
I'm looking forward to hear the CD!

Rusanda is a excellent violinist, and Panfili and Friends is a great collaboration of talented musicians!

J’aime à la fois la musique classique et la musique folklorique en particulier la musique de l’est de l'Europe. tout ce qui réunit des personnes différentes est un beau projet

Very happy your project reached the goal!
I really enjoyed your performances 4 times during your tour with HZ band and projects during last years but I’m so happy to be part of this personal project. I donated for signed CD and I hope you can sign it form me and my wife too that started to play violin this year inspired by you! How you will get details for the delivery? Via mail? I’m curious due to I didn't share my address anywhere :) Bye!

Backed! Willing to listen to the CD already ;-)

As of Curiosity, noticed the project via YouTube.

I will definitely be in contact with all of you and you can send me all of your wishes on how to sign the CDs! Thank you so much for the support!

Because Rusanda is just great inspiration!

The previews and video's already on Youtube are promising a lot of interesting and great music to come.
The passion in the music and playing is clearly shining through.
Looking forward to the CD release and all the other musical wonders on it. :-)

Happy to support talented musicians from Moldova (and around the globe) involved in unique creative projects

Einfach tolle Musik. Macht weiter so. LG Ben

I’m a huge fan of Rusanda Panfili since I saw her performing with Hans Zimmer live. Her music is beautiful and knowing how hard she works, I had no choice but to support her new project.

It is a pleasure to support such fine musicians, the world needs more real, organic music like this!

I was very lucky to hear Rusanda’s brilliant performance in Hans Zimmer Live On Tour in Hong Kong last year. It was an extraordinary and an amazing experience. I’m so excited to know that Panfili& Friends are going to release their first album! Wish you all the best with your project and I can’t wait to hear your music! xx

Thank you so much everyone! Only 9 days left and we are so close to our goal! Thanks for backing, sharing and supporting! We look forward to show you our CD!

I love your videos. I can't wait for the CD!!!!

Love this project ! Bravo!!

I wish to support this project because I love the way Rusanda transmit passion through the music. I'm saxophonist, but above all I am a musician.
Wish you the best

João Carvalho

I am really pleased to be able to support such amazing musicians making such wonderful music.

Rusanda is such a talent! I love her work so much!

Great Work ;)

Desde a primeira vez que ela veio actuar a Portugal, eu sempre gostei do trabalho da Rusanda. Apaixonei-me pela sua delicadeza que sempre me inspira quando eu pinto quadros. é fantástico! Obrigado!

thank you so much for the appreciation and contribution! We are very grateful! looking forward to welcome you to our concert on the 28th of February at the Akkordeon Festival in Vienna!

Looking forward to listen to your CD! Bravi tutti for the wonderful performances on stage in Vienna! We can feel the high degree of passion and commitment every time!

ich finde es toll, dich unterstützen zu können

Muito obrigado! Thank you so much! Muchas gracias! Mulțumim! Vielen Dank!

Boa noite,
Como é bom fazer parte disso. Uma singela contribuição!
Boa sorte a todos do grupo.

Por uma boa causa!!!

Se nos educa des de pequeños a que la vida es una lucha por la supervivencia. Si realmente la vida se redujera a eso por qué hacemos sinfonías, esculturas, lienzos y poesía?
Hacemos esto porqué no es necesario y precisamente por no ser necesario es tan importante (e imprescindible). Porqué hace siglos que el ser humano dejó atrás el ámbito de la necesidad para entrar en el hábito de la libertad, y esa barrera que hemos sido capaces de cruzar en el mundo del arte no hemos podido cruzarla en otras areas de nuestra vida... (política, económica, social...)
Por eso es tan importante apoyar el arte y la música en especial, ya que los músicos empiezan su carrera a una edad muy temprana y se les requiere de valores imprescindibles para vivir en sociedad como el trabajo en equipo, el saber escuchar, la perseverancia, la curiosidad, el autodescubrimiento...

Por todo esto apoyar la música es tan importante... Tanto como que todo el mundo tenga sus necesidades básicas cubiertas para poderse desarrollar completamente i libremente.

Just appreciate outstanding talent x

It’s an incredible group of artists composing and assembling great music, they need your support.

It's my contribution to be part (in a small way) of the creative process & support a group of extremely talented people achieve their goals.
I cannot wait to listen to the finished album which I know will be fabulous. Mitchell x

Thank you Woody wemakeit! we are very happy to be selected for the «We Fancy» category!

We like your project – this is why we’ve added it to our «We Fancy» category! For the next couple of days it will appear on the front page and also in the «Recommended» section. We’d say you can be proud of yourselves and tell everyone about it! Publish some news, make a tweet or write a post!

Thank you so much! We are thrilled to hear your thoughts and extremely thankful for your support!

Super exciting! A couple of weeks ago I was searching the internet for whether there existed an album of Panfili & Friends, and sadly not. But the sadness didn't last long: the first album is on the way! Glad to help you guys on the way and looking forward to hearing the tunes :-)

Go for it, guys!!

It is a pleasure to support such talented artists and the extraordinary art they create.

Ihr Lieben,
Ihr habt meine volle Unterstützung! Macht weiter so und:
Thank you for the music! ❤️

Watching Panfili & Friends YouTube videos & actually seeing Rusanda live with The World of Hans Zimmer. I am very keen listener of all forms of music & listening to Panfili & Friends really struck a chord with me(excuse the pun)

Thank you so much! it's truly great to see how the project is advancing thanks to your wonderful support!

What can I say. Class shines and it’s about time panfili and friends did a CD. Exciting would be an understatement at how privileged I feel at doing my tiny little bit to bring this project to life. Thank you Panfili and Friends. 🤩🤩

Dear Rusanda, i was absolutely touched by your beautiful music at the World of Hans Zimmer Concert in Düsseldorf, so i will support your new Album :-) With Love Jörg

Thank you all so much for your support! This means a lot for all of us who worked so hard on this project! 🤗

Ms.Panfili is a talented and marvelous musician and it’s a great pleasure to hear her playing. Both her performance at Hans Zimmer Live and pieces of Panfili&Friends on YouTube are fascinating. It’s only reasonable to support such a great course of music. Best of luck to the new album!

I first saw Rusanda at Hans Zimmer Live and immediately fell in love with her passion in music and hel amazing talent. When I messaged her on Facebook she cared enough to reply to me and that meant a lot to me. Wish all of you all the best. Cheers, Shahram

I love to hear Rusanda playing, and have been hoping for a Panfili&Friends to release an album. I look forward to receiving it. Thank you and good luck.

Yo como fan de Rusanda Panfili me uno a esta causa. Es muy importante apoyar a nuestros artistas para recibir buena musica y talento. Gracias por vuestro entusiasmo en producir buena música y compartir grandes momentos. Saludos desde Barcelona. Wladimir

I support this project because I love the music in all aspectos and all the cultures of diferent countries.
And because contemplate to Rusanda play music, change my life.
and I'm sure that her and her friends will be successful with their first album.

Make music is an important thing, I like to join little project with the potential to become great projects, and I admire Rusanda Panfili's way to play violin.

Will a digital download of the album also become available?
Because I think that I don’t only speak for myself when I say that a lot of people don’t have the ability anymore to listen to CDs.

Thank you so much for your support!

The more amazing positive music we have in the world the more it heals :)

It’s a need to support such an amazing and unique project made by wonderful and talented musician! I love it and I’m really excited for the album...

Yours, Sandro


Sounds wonderful! Good luck guys!!!

Good luck an Merry Christmas!

Thank you Dragos!

Good luck!

Dear Pat,
Thank you so much for your message! I really do hope we will manage! many hugs

It is important that quality music of this type is recorded. Looking forward to hearing the album.