Panfili&Friends - Music made with love and passion

We started playing together 4 years ago, and just after a few concerts we knew there was something unique about our personalities combined. Our heritage and our musical backgrounds, along with our love for classical and folk music allowed us to create a powerful connection with our audiences.

«Primul», meaning «The First» in Rusanda’s mother tongue Romanian, is our debut album, the outcome of 3 years of planning, rehearsing, composing, adapting and recording. The result is an album of 13 innovative, crossovers between classical and international folklore.

Each track was crafted with passion and care, by bringing into the light traditional rhythms that inspired each member of «Panfili&Friends». This is how the lively Venezuelan Pajarillo, the heartbreaking Moldovan songs of sorrow, or the elegant modern Tangos emerged on this versatile album.

Faith brought us together, devotion for music united us

Faith brought us together, in the mesmerizing city of Vienna, and our devotion and love for music united us towards a common purpose.

Rusanda Panfili was born in Moldova, and is the founder of Panfili&Friends. At 12, she moved to Vienna to pursue a career as a violin soloist.

Rusanda and Teodora Miteva, acclaimed chamber musician from Bulgaria, met during their early studies at the University of Music.

Sasa Nikolic, from Croatia, is the core member of many folk ensembles in Austria and met Rusanda during their membership at the Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now Foundation.

Christian Bakanic, from Austria, is one of the most acclaimed Jazz and Tango accordionists and composers in Austria, and met Rusanda while performing together with the world music group, Scurdia.

Alfredo Ovalles, is a concert pianist from Venezuela who has been part of numerous projects from Classical and Pop to Metal and Contemporary music. They met through their chamber music class at the University of Music.

Rusanda met Jonas Skielboe, from Denmark, a multi guitarist having specialised in Flamenco, classical, jazz and e-guitar, when both performed at a music festival in Greece.

We need your support!

The creation of an album is not only artistically a difficult challenge but also a big financial and time-consuming investment.

Here is a list of what needs to be covered for a CD production such as ours:

  • Rehearsal spaces for the artistic development of the music
  • Transportation to the recording studio
  • Accommodation for the recording space outside our home city,Vienna
  • Studio rental
  • Instrument rental and tuning
  • Sound engineer for the recording process
  • Post-production mixing and mastering
  • Cover Design
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • CD printing
  • PR and Media services
  • Video content
  • Photo content
  • Design and creation of promotional material such as flyers, stickers, postcards, posters
  • Licence fees

We managed to finish many tasks for our first album but we still need your help to finalise and bring it to life! We are so close to accomplish our goal! Please take your time to look at our carefully prepared purchases which we are offering in return for your generous contribution.

Thank you! Panfili&Friends

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