On the edge of the highest peaks in the world, a very high altitude diving expedition in a remote lake, lost in the mountains of the Himalaya

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Among the few places in the world still preserved on our planet are high altitude lakes, on the edge of snowed summits, lost in the mountains of the Himalayas. An exceptional environment rocked by Buddhism and the legends that shaped the history of these sacred waters.

In search of exceptional dives, the Pangong Project Team starts looking on a quest for these sacred and immaculate waters to attempt to explore their hidden side and to put this project into images through photo reports and a documentary film.


All gathered around the same word: Passion. That of exploration, the unknown, our planet and its safeguard, the underwater world and sharing.

Adventure teammates and friends, the team consists of 6 experienced diving instructors and a professional cameraman. For many of us, accustomed and falled in love of the Himalayan highlands since many years.



Culminating at 3600 meters above sea level, the turquoise waters of Lake Phoksundo are located northwest of the Himalayas in the Dolpo region and on the line of the salt road. A sacred lake for the Dolpo-Pa and people local of the hamlet of Ringmo that we will meet for three weeks in September 2018. We will leave Kathmandu by plane to Nepalgunj and Juphal where we will find some of our equipment and the rest of the Nepalese team. It will ensue of 4 days of trek and bivouac, accompanied by yaks to route our equipment before arriving at the base camp from where we will do our dives


The area between 3500 and 5000 meters is considered «very high altitude». Oxygen becomes scarce, the human and material challenges that this expedition represents are multiple! Diving at such an altitude is outside the usual diving standards and is not without physiological consequence for the diver putting his body to the test. A scientific dimension will be integrated into this exploration to better understand the impact of the very high altitude on the diver and his equipment in collaboration with specialists: such as decompression specialists, hyperbaric doctors, equipment manufacturers.


An unprecedented adventure full of emotions. Passionate about underwater photography, how can you imagine such a project without bringing back images? Therefore equipped with our photo and video waterproof cameras that we will capture our discoveries to share them with you.

Director, cameraman and co-founder of TOAST Production, Antoine JANSSENS will follow us throughout the expedition to film this Himalayan journey, from preparations in Switzerland to the mountainous highlands of Nepal.


Pangong Project is a human and ambitious project !

Diving in an extreme and isolated environment at an unconventional altitude: all this requires important logistical and material means, the establishment of a local team in Nepal for the coordination, a careful preparation of the dives and a lot of sports trainings.

Your participation will allow us to finance certain elements essential to the good progress of the expedition such as:

• Train of mules for the transport of the material and local team for the logistics and coordination on the spot (CHF 7000.-)

• The purchase of the waterproof case and lighting for underwater images (CHF 4500.-)

• The acquisition of security equipment (CHF 3500.-)

If today a big part of our budget is reunited thanks to our own funds and the contribution of our generous partners and sponsors, your support is at this stage essential to the realization of this extraordinary project. To go all the way, we need your help!

On behalf of the entire Pangong Project Team : Thank you for your support!