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Hi Yves, thanks for your explanations. Theses seems to be plausible provisions to minimize the risk - especially the fact, that the traveler does not have to accept already closed boxes.
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Hi Thomas. There is no zero risk in terms of illegal traffic. All postal platforms face the same problem. All users will be manually verified and certified (photo, social accounts, ID paper, phone number).

In addition our Terms of Use will state that each package must be checked by the traveler before being closed. We will seek to protect our users to avoid fraudulent use of our platform. The sender and the traveler will each have a receipt both signed and listing the exact contents of the package.

In case of doubt, the traveler may refuse a transaction and report the user concerned. He may wish to leave or not a negative review on our platform. The objective is definitly to do our best to secure and to humanize the parcel sharing.
This seems to be a perfect platform for illegal drug distribution. How do you plan to avoid that?