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No time for moderation.

The pleasures await.

The bi-annual issue of PAWPAW will redefine; how, as well as, the means through which we define and share pleasure. Raw meat, naked skin, and the thinkers behind the pictures, interviews, articles, reports and poems create a reader suspense in its most original form – on sexy glossy paper. We know what it takes to change the world – doesn’t mean we have to do it every day. What is really important, is to be open to the beauty of the fantastical life that we seek to live. With our new angle on the prospect of a life of pleasure whilst regarding careful attention to detail that empowers PAWPAW to move millions.

PAWPAW the independent magazine about lust and overindulgence. Pleasure comes to those who seek.

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Our reader

PAWPAW is a gourmet guide for those, men and women, who strive to taste the full spectrum of flavors: we present them with what is an offer in a tactile, tasteful, timeless ayout featuring representation of cultural development and the arts through a clear sense of self perception, we aim to please a variety of senses. The honorary citizen to challenge pop cultures vision and the given surroundings PAWPAW is a colouring book for pleasure that the readers themselves are left feeling free to live In a world of pleasure. We are of course speaking of those who find themselves in a hyper individualised setting and yet are open to the unconventional post-avant-garde window that PAWPAW presents in multiple forms of media, to coincide with the readers lifestyle.

Our aesthetics

PAWPAW is a means by which the art and culture can be consumed and inhaled and open the mind all in the form of print. We place food and sex in a new spotlight to create a lifestyle. This creation of value and not just through all that glitters on a glossy paper, but also, from a deeper level of understanding through selected imagery. Inspired by photographers like Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari (Toiletpaper Magazine) and young talents like Stephanie Gonot or Bea die Giacomo.

To develop every issue of PAWPAW to a point of which a coffee table is merely a coffee table without it. The stylish placed product featuring fascinating artistic endeavors to motivational pieces is to become more than a source of inspiration, but a driving force behind the inquisitive mind of our trendsetting and otherwise under challenged audience.

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«A magazine is an accessory, a collector’s item, an artwork.»