Penguins by choice are ready to enter the studio for their Debut Album. They have been blessed with the Mixing and Mastering services of Rene Zingg of Soundville Studios who has more than 30 years of experience in the business. To produce the CD we have acquired the talents of Hanspeter Huber who has worked with amongst others «Guns'n'Roses», «Little River Band» and «Quiet Riot». We seek financial support for the Mixing, Mastering, Studio time, CD duplication, Design, Promotion and all other Album expenses (its all very expensive!).

If you support us you can receive all kinds of cool things from groovy Penguins by choice T-Shirts or Underwear to Poems and Songs written for you or whom you desire. There is also the chance to have our band play in your home not to mention being the proud owner of the first ever Penguins by choice Album. It is possible to support our project without receiving any rewards. To do so, click on the button «back this project», after click the «no reward» option and enter the amount you would like to donate. Any support would be forever appreciated.