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Through my interest in the non-violent movements in Palestine I have established contact with Israeli activists and was thus able to visit the region in 2010. I wanted to understand the conflict better by working towards my own conclusion. I wanted to get in touch with the people there, empathize with their situation and experience life under occupation. On the basis of this first visit I decided to get involved for a long term. Equipped with my camera I did this at regular intervals over the last three years.

The exhibition looks back on those years to reflect them as well as to give perspectives. It’s a personal way to rework the experience. It shall communicate more than what I captured in my pictures.

From overwhelming hospitality to hard-to-bear experiences such as a demolition of a home, from violent confrontations to close friendships between Israelis and Palestinians – all these are impressions which help me to get a more differentiated evaluation of the situation in Palestine and Israel.

Your support

Your support goes to the production of the pictures, a concert of the american singer/songwriter David Rovics and a publication with a selection of the work as well as accompanying text.


Amongst other things you can get printed photos from my last exhibition as rewards. The photographs of size A4 and A3 are mounted on cardboard. There are also 4 more in size 60*90cm mounted on Alu-Dibond.

You can choose from following photos – early supporters can choose first.

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