Our project The scent of imprints

I Patom Theatre is the theatre project of two students of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri: Aude Lorrillard and Vita Malahova. I Patom Theatre aims to create a performance, that reaches spectator across every age, culture and nationality.

The performance The scent of imprints, born between two actresses and the danish director Magnus Errboe, will go on tour in Switzerland, Italy and Denmark.

Therefore, we need your precious help!

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Our performance The scent of imprints.

The scent of the imprints is the story of two characters in search of a home. Facing numerous adventures, the two souls are wandering, walking, loving, hating and living with the constant hope of finding their Eldorado: a desired place that finally can welcome them.

During the story arise various conflicts linked to their condition ’homeless’: the need to survive, the fight against the causes of their status, the difficult and ambivalent relationships of love and hate between the two characters.

In the performance The scent of imprints the characters takes the appearance of two migratory birds who, without knowing where, are wandering in search of a heat in the distance.

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Who are we?

The newly formed company, I Patom Theatre, is composed from two actresses, graduated in physical theater at The Accademia Teatro Dimitri (Switzerland):Aude Lorrillard and Vita Malahova who,finding themselves working together in several areas,wanted to combine their artistic ideas and experiences in to a unique spectacle.

Through physical expression,music and humor, I Patom Theatre desires to express on stage images inspired by real stories, heard in casual and quotidien encounters on the streets; or anectodes of personal experiences gathered from various travels.

For our first creation, The scent of imprints, we got inspired from the russian surrelist author Daniil Kharms. His sharp and black humor, reveals an extreme sensitivity and a deep humanity.

This subtle miscellany between humor and seriousness, which intend to reflect and move emotionaly at the same time, causing laughter and tears, is the way that we follow in our work.

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Support our project!

We want to share with you the performance The sent of imprints and as independent artists, we always try to find creative solutions and alternatives for each situation but nevertheless there are things for which we need your help.

Your help allows us to :

  • pay for our director so we don’t feed him just by art
  • pay our travel costs so we don’t have to walk by foot from Italy to Denmark
  • rent theaters
  • get light on stage
  • share with you our dream to bring on the stage the creative madness of our performance!
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We will be glad to keep in touch with You!