This is what it's all about.

This project is intended to strengthen the bridges between Europe and Russia and to unite different mentalities with the help of music. For us, this does not simply mean to bring talented musicians from Eastern to Western Europe, but rather to invite some of the best European ensembles to St. Petersburg, the place of dialogue between Europe and Russia.

In Western Europe, there is a broad cultural life at all levels. Our experience in Russia is that besides of the few «big events», there are not enough concert formats for a middle class which is able to perceive the universal ideas of classical chamber music beyond national borders. This is the goal we want to achieve with our project.


My project is special because ...

As Antonio Meneses, one of the most famous cellists in the world, has said about our festival: «I know of no other festival entirely dedicated to Piano Trios».

The place of the festival is also very special. The concerts will take place 12-14 December 2019 in the venues of the State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg. Its concert hall is truly one of the best concert halls in Europe, but unfortunately is not widely known outside of Russia. It offers the perfect ambience to hold the festival.

The following concert in Bern will be organized after the concerts in St. Petersburg.

The participants of the festival are renowned musicians as well as young «Rising Stars»: Trio Wanderer, Spyros Piano Trio, Equilibris Piano Trio, NevaArte Piano Trio and the St. Petersburg State Capella Symphony Orchestra.

Particularly significant for the project is that for the first time Swiss music and Swiss musicians will be heard in such a unique environment in Russia, while a piece for piano trio and chamber orchestra is composed especially for the festival by the Swiss violinist and composer Simon Wiener (*1994). Swiss music will also be represented by Frank Martin (1890-1976). I have been awarded the prize of «La Société Frank Martin» for the best interpretation of Martin’s music at the 2014 Concours de Genève. Unfortunately, his music is not well known in Russia. The Equilibris Piano Trio will be happy to introduce Martin’s «Trio sur des mélodies populaires irelandaises» (1925) to Russian public in St. Petersburg.

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This is what I need backing for.

It’s no secret that it all costs money, even though many are ready to play purely out of passion and love to the music. At the moment we mainly need to cover the travel expenses. That’s why I’m here looking for financial support.

Many musicians, the Russian Embassy in Bern and the Swiss Consulate in St. Petersburg, the administration of the St. Petersburg State Academic Capella, the Bern University of the Arts, La Société Frank Martin and many music lovers around the world are already involved in this project. Without this generous help, the whole thing would not be possible, and your contribution can be crucial!