The PinballHouse

Hi everyone. We are Elux+Schenkel. At the Murten Licht-Festival 2017, we create with the «PinballHouse» one of numerous Arteplages. Through projection mapping, we transform the facade of the castle-tower into an oversized playing area. You all are invited to try your luck at the pinball game and to create a light painting with each round.

Why we need your support?

Projecting the pinball game onto the surface of an entire house requires powerful projectors and fast computers. That’s a lot of money.

We work with a lot of enthusiasm in the design, programming and construction of the installation. All of that, we do without payment.

With your help we can create a huge pinball game. We look forward to presenting you the result at the Murten Licht-Festival and challenging you to a game!

Where does the collected money go?

With the collected money we pay the rental costs for projector, computer and building materials for the installation. Only in this way we can present you the «PinballHouse» in all its splendor at the Murten Licht-Festival 2017.

Help us to create a game that is as exciting as possible and come to Murten in January to stand at the controls yourself!