A photo book and an exhibition about a journey from southern Italy to Switzerland on a motorway. An everyday and kinetic experience newfound.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 11/6/2017

VernissageBy David Cañavate, on 10/12/2017

Vielen Dank an alle für den tollen Abend! Mit Freunde ist es alles einfacher! Die Ausstellung bleibt bis Ende Januar!

Venissage!!!By David Cañavate, on 16/11/2017

Hallo zusammen!

Langsam erreichen wir unser Ziel. Ich schreibe euch, um euch mitzuteilen, dass wir bereits das Datum der Vernisagge für die Vorstellung des Buches und der Ausstellung haben:

Donnerstag, 7. Dezember, ab 19.00 Uhr bei der Raiffeisenbank in Bregenz, Österreich.

Ich werde mich sehr freuen, wenn ihr alle alle dabei sein könnt, aber ich weiß, dass einige von euch ziemlich weit weg seid. Bei diese, die nicht kommen können, werde ich die Belohnungen per Post schicken!

Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung!

We made it!!!By David Cañavate, on 11/06/2017

Thank you very much!!!

Recommended project!!By David Cañavate, on 17/05/2017

We continue with the good news! The wemakeit platform has chosen the project PLACES WITHOUT NOISE as one of their 9 favorite projects! You can see these recommended projects on its homesite.

Thank you for supporting and sharing !!!

30% reached!! Thank you!!By David Cañavate, on 16/05/2017

I do not know what to say, well, I do. Many thanks!!

In something more than 72 hours we have already reached 30% of the total needed to publish the book and make the exhibition. Many thanks to all those who have already supported this project and those who have shared it. Thank you for believing in this a little crazy idea, that I believe can help us to see things around us with other eyes.

I also wanted to thank your feedbacks by email and social networks, I value them a lot. Expressing something in public, an idea, a project, always involves opening your heart and showing it to everyone, something that we make not so often although indeed we should do it habitually.

There is still a long way to go and we still need your help to reach the goal. So I encourage you to enter the PLACES WITHOT NOISE website, if you have not already done it, and to support the project.

Thank you all!