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The Babylonian confusion of words can also be a gateway to peace. Only when people emerge from the apparent clarity of their individual language, there is the possibility of mutual understanding. Strangeness is the basic condition for friendship. On the planet, there is not only one viewpoint possible. Human beings have a right to collective possession of the earth, on which they can not dissipate themselves to infinity. The planetary aesthetics demands to look, to lift the boundary through the field of view, to look at the planet from afar.

Prelude - The Ishtar Gate - The Tower of Babel - The confusion of languages - The planet in space

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The KunstbeTriebsEnsemble is the core, the heart of the KunstbeTrieb, the red dot in the yellow of the egg. The point from which life starts.

Artists from all areas of art - language, music, dance and visual arts - meet each other for joint performances.

The KunstbeTriebsEnsemble plays in free improvisation or researches topics. The artists get entangled in communication to the point of perplexity. They dismantle their material, look at the fragments and individual parts, strip them of their original function and generate something different, new, unpredictable from them. They are hobbyists, they practice performative bricolage. The best results are integrated into the performances.

Members: Andi Menrath (drums) - Carina Nekolny (literature) - Elisabeth Dokulil (language) - Elisabeth Kelvin (Woodwinds) - Franz Mayr (Performance) - Herbert Lacina (bass and electronics) - Roozbeh Nafisi (Santur) - Stefanie Tietz (body, dance, performance) - Ursula Schwarz (Piano) - Wolfgang Dokulil (visual arts) - Yoram Rosilio (double bass)

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This is what we need backing for.

The artists of the KbTE are working together on the new version of the improoper Planet BBL. This requires time-consuming rehearsals, new pictures, objects and props and a good announcement of the premiere. The performance location, technology and transport also want to be financed. The premiere is scheduled to take place in May 2022. We are still looking for the right place.