Pony del Sol’s first album

by Pony DS


Sexy, punky, choucky songs – homemade – by Pony del Sol.

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Pony del Sol distills a repertoire of catchy and seducing pop melodies that brazenly flirt with cabaret, rock and country music. While her stellar voice and home-baked loops evoke the likes of Camille, her zany lyrics pay tribute to Katerine.

Connaissez-vous Pony?

Pony is a great gal. She’s a kind of sweet and friendly kid sister that I invented to keep me company during my stay at the Cité des Arts in Paris. As a pop singer and musician, I felt a little lost amongst the Vietnamese aquarellists and the Ukrainian piano virtuosos residing there, so I hid behind my computer and created Pony.

Concerts, etc.

Following that episode, I returned to Swizerland and started working on the songs that I had written in Paris. I put together «Moi m’appeller Pony del Sol et pas bien le français» («My name Pony del Sol and no speak good French»), a musical show inspired by my life as an exile in Paris.

Later on, we continued to perform songs from the show with a small band featuring Sacha Ruffieux and Fabrice Seydoux. We were lucky enough to perform in prestigious venues and festivals such as the Francomanias Bulle, Kilbi im Exil (Zurich), Cully Jazz THBBC, Les Créatives (Geneva), amongst others – all of this despite not having an album to our credit.

In the mean time, I recorded those tracks at home, practically all by myself, with the intention of creating a musical universe that is personal, warm and delicate. The arrangements are light, vintage-like and spunky. The songs are about failed loves, money and inequality (stuff that I saw in Paris).

Pony needs you!

With this album, I would like to create a piece of work that is personal, original and independent. This is why I am asking you to kindly help me wrap up my project by lending me your financial support (production of 1.000 albums, mixing, pressing).