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Liebe Port Land Supporter
Wer von euch seine Goodies noch nicht bekommen hat, soll sich bitte bei uns melden: bfbb2012@gmail.com
Entschuldigt bitte die Verspätung!

Dear Port Land Supporters
Please contact us if you haven’t received your rewards yet: bfbb2012@gmail.com
We apologise for the delay!
Betonfreunde beider Basel am 17.10.2014 13:36
For those of you who didn't make it to the opening of Port Land, here's a video:

Betonfreunde beider Basel am 19.6.2013 15:08
More info about the opening here: www.portlandbasel.ch
Betonfreunde beider Basel am 28.4.2013 10:29
The official opening of Port Land is less than a week away! We would love to see all the backers next weekend! We'll have (most of) the goodies ready for you! Please come celebrate the new chapter with us and pick up your rewards!
Betonfreunde beider Basel am 28.4.2013 10:23
Most of you have probably seen photos from Port Land already. We are 98% done with the park and have had some good sessions before the winter weather hit us...

Here's a link to the construction site blog: website builder.
Betonfreunde beider Basel am 11.1.2013 09:37
We are still missing contact details from some of the Port Land supporters. Our emails seem to go to the junk folder for some of you. Please contact us at bfbb2012@gmail.com to claim your goodies!
Betonfreunde beider Basel am 4.12.2012 15:50
Die "Pressemitteilung" war nicht ganz ernst gemeint, sondern eine Reaktion auf das erreichen der 4000.- innert 30 Std. Das gesetzte Ziel kann bei wemakeit.ch nicht nachträglich verändert werden.
Betonfreunde beider Basel am 22.7.2012 13:09
User 2 small
Hmm wie läuft das jetzt, da ihr ja das Ziel erreicht habt, aber doch nicht erreicht hat???
Raphi am 19.7.2012 17:25
For immediate release!

Project Port Land will relieve it’s Chief Financial Officer of his duties (without a golden parachute) because of a misplaced decimal point! We need to raise 40’000.- not 4000.-

Keep pitching in! http://wemakeit.ch/projects/port-land?locale=de

We are not available for further comments because we are out in the streets for the international “Go Skateboarding Day”
Betonfreunde beider Basel am 21.6.2012 16:37