In 2006 a group of skateboarders from Basel got together and took destiny in their own hands to satisfy the need for a concrete bowl. With the help of Swedish skater/artist Pontus Alv they created the Blackcrossbowl, one of the first organized, large scale D.I.Y. concrete skateboard installations. In 2012 the same crew has the chance to repeat history on a bigger scale, shortly after the impending destruction of the Blackcrossbowl.

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About Port Land

The Port Land project will be situated on the Klybeckquai directly at the Rhine in Basel’s industrial area. It is part of the official temporary use of the space that is owned by the Swiss Rhine Port Authority. 400 square meters will be transformed into a skateable landscape that is free for all to enjoy. The construction work will be done by the members of the Verein Betonfreunde beider Basel, the official association that was started specifically for this project. The design of the park will be driven by creativity and the need to skate, as opposed to hiring a company that’s making money and workers just doing their job.

Pitch in for Port Land. Help us buy the material and tools needed for the project.


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