Lech Antonio Uszynski, Viola, Andriy Dragan, Piano.

About «Progetto Gibson»

In 1734 Antonio Stradivari has built one of his most famous instruments, the «Gibson» Viola, which I feel honored to be playing since many years. Worldwide there are only nine Stradivari violas in existence and the «Gibson» will be protagonist in my PROGETTO GIBSON.

Only imagine that Johannes Brahms himself has heard this instrument being played by the violist George Alfred Gibson. Such fascinating moments are my stimulus to discover and research more about the unique history of the «Gibson» viola and to reveal the intriguing stories and myths of Stradivari. The album will contain compositions by Marcello (arr. G. A. Gibson), Brahms and Shostakovich. My vision is to continue this project in future in a form of further recordings. That is why the first step with that album is extremely important and a matter close to my heart. The «Gibson» Viola is like an extension of my soul and my inspiration.

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Your contribution will be dedicated to cover the costs of the following activities:

  • Rent of the recording location with grand piano (4 days)
  • Sound engineer and producer
  • Postproduction and mastering
  • Design & Text for the cover and booklet
  • CD production and distribution

Your support would finance a big part of my new album and make the whole realization of this project possible. The remaining amount I will cover with sponsoring and concerts. It is very important for me to create the very best conditions to produce an outstanding recording, which I feel, has all requisites to achieve success in the international classical music market. The required funding will allow high-quality execution of the project, still in a very reasonable financial scale for this kind of classical album production and it already includes the production and the distribution for the awarded label «CD Accord» (e.g. Grammy Award 2012 winner). The recording session is planned this August at the Warsaw philharmonic concert hall. I am particularly pleased to realize this recording with my long-time duo partner and wonderful pianist Andriy Dragan (winner of the Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes 2009).

If you want to find out more about us please visit our websites. You can find the links at the bottom of this page.

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Release details

The official release date of the PROGETTO GIBSON album would be set to Jan/Feb 2016. I will try to do everything possible to make it happen in Dec 2015 so I could send out the album to you even before Christmas. Of course the mastering, graphics & texts for the booklet and production takes time and the quality of the final product is absolute priority to make all my supporters, us and the label happy.

Support, which exceeds the targeted amount, will be invested in the planning of my next productions (PROGETTO GIBSON Vol.2 & Vol.3). Shortly before we hopefully successfully finance the first album I will set up «Stretch Goals» to keep going.

My complete project vision is set for 3 recordings. After this recording it would be the PROGETTO GIBSON Vol.2 which would include the other Brahms Sonata and Vol.3 in which I would record as soloist with orchestra works by H. Berlioz «Harold in Italy» and N. Paganini «Sonata per la Grande Viola». Both compositions are connected to a Stradivari Viola.

Note: If you wish to contribute a higher amount then a perk offers, you can manually increase the amount after choosing any package on the next page.

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Special thanks

  • I am deeply thankful to the Habisreutinger Stradivari foundation for being the player and guard of the exceptional «Gibson» Viola.
  • I would also like to thank Tom Parandyk for the beautiful trailer he made for my project. We hope you enjoy it.
  • Special thanks go to my family and friends which always have been very supportive and kept me going to bring my PROGETTO GIBSON vision that close to become real.

Now I need all of your support to make this recording really happen. Let’s make it happen!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

** «Errata»: In the trailer I mentioned the recording session to be in September. A week after filming the date changed to August 10-13th. **